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October 23 and 24, 2021
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Statement of Responsability
        Law 5/2007, of 16 January, which approves the Basic Law of Physical Activity and Sports, states, in paragraph 2 of its article 40, in the ambit of physical and sports activities, "constitutes a special obligation of the practitioner to ensure, in advance, that it does not have any contraindications for its practice". Thus, the presentation of a medical examination is no longer compulsory, for the practice of sport, and it is up to the practitioner to ensure that he does not have any contraindications to that effect.

          In accordance with the above, I, __________________________________, holder of identification document no. ________________, declare that I am aware and have taken note of the legislation in force, and therefore declare that I have no physical and psychological contraindications for the practice of sports activities as of 23rd and 24th October 2021, and for my participation in the Granfondo Coimbra Region (Time Trial, Granfondo, Mediofondo).

I also declare that:
  • I have read and accepted the Regulation of event. I also declare to have taken note that this is a cycling event for all without competitive character, which takes place on public roads open to traffic, accepting the resulting risks, and therefore I undertake to obey and to enforce the laws of the Traffic Code and the Regulations of the Granfondo Coimbra Region.
  • I have received from the organisation all the necessary information and requested by me regarding the risks inherent to my participation in the Granfondo Coimbra Region, having become fully aware that the event takes place on roads open to the circulation of vehicles that are outside the event and with which I will be able to cross; that I will pass through crossroads open to traffic, and therefore I undertake to use the utmost care and prudence when crossing them; that there are areas of the route, either due to the state of the floor or the steep slope of the road, that I have been properly alerted by the organisation to these and to the risks that may result from them.
  • I will not hold the organisation of the Granfondo Coimbra Region or any of the entities linked to the event responsible for any accident that I may cause or be a victim and that may involve other participants, members of the organisation and/or third parties, nor for any debts that I may have contracted before, after or during the tour, nor for any breakdowns or misappropriations that may be caused by bicycles and/or other equipment that belongs to me and/or that I use. I also exclude the organisation from liability for loss or deterioration of personal belongings under any circumstances.
  • I assume that the organization of Granfondo Coimbra Region has recommended to all participants that a full medical examination be carried out before participating in this event, and therefore I renounce to hold the said entity responsible in case I suffer any kind of damage resulting from health problems that may result from my participation in the event. I declare that I fully assume any risks to my health that may imply my participation in the Granfondo Coimbra Region.

This statement of responsabily means that its contents have been read, understood and fully assumed.

Should the current conditions change in the future, I assume the responsibility to inform the organization.
OCTOBER 23 and 24, 2021
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