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October 23 and 24, 2021
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Regulation UCI Granfondo World Series Coimbra Region

Cabreira Solutions together with the Municipality of Montemor-o-Velho and Figueira da Foz, organize the sporting event called "GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION". This event is included in the UCI Gran Fondo World Series calendar, as the only punctual event in the Iberian Peninsula.

UCI Gran Fondo World Series, is composed of several sports events around the world and is regulated by the International Cyclist Union, in the UCI's Cycling for All Regulation, Chapter V.

GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION, will be held on 23 and 24 October 2021, with the appropriate authorisations from the International Cyclist Union and the Portuguese Cyclist Federation, in accordance with the following special regulations.
The event
Art.1 - The GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION will be held on the 23rd and 24th of October 2021 as shown in the table below.

Art. 2 - The event GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION is a competitive bicycle touring event of mass participation with departures being separate by classes on the granfondo/mediofondo; and individually on the time trial, totally timed for all participants and with the results being divided by age groups and gender.

Art. 3 - The GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION obliges by the Portuguese Cycling Federation and UCI, Union Cycliste Internationale, regulations as an Open Event, therefore being subjected to the principles that appear in those regulations.

Art. 4 - The GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION event, will be held in two days with the following routes and distances:


Art. 5- The event will be open to all cyclists, federated and non-federated, of both genders and over 19 years old (at 31-12-2021).
NOTE: To participate in the World Championship, the athlete must be 19 years old at the time of the World Championship.

Art. 6 - The athletes can participate in the GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION if they possess any of the following licences:
     No Licence. Acquiring a daily licence when filling their online registration (must register as non-federated)
     Master licence.
     "Ciclismo para Todos" licence.
     Elite licence except for:
     Athletes that during the present year have been members of a UCI registered team;
     Athletes that have participated in World Championships, Olympic Games, Continental Games, Regional Games, Commonwealth Games or in the World Cup during the present year;
     Athletes that had obtained UCI points in the World Championship year.

Art. 7- All participants that do not possess the federation licence to the present year, issued by the Federation or by a UCI affiliated organization, must acquire a daily licence, that includes the insurance provided by the Portuguese Cycling Federation.

Art. 8 - The only insurances that are valid to the participation of this event are the personal accident and civil responsibility insurances, provided with the cycling federative licence issued by entities associated with the UCI, or daily insurance provided by the Portuguese Cycling Federation.

Art. 9 - The athletes that participate in this event with a licence provided by a Federation or a UCI affiliate organization that is not the Portuguese Cycling Federation, must ensure that the accident insurance issued by their federation has coverage in Portugal.

Art. 10 - At the event, it is only allowed the usage of two-wheel vehicles (mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, cross bikes, hybrid bikes, etc) except for tandem bikes and reclined bikes. Bicycles with any type of motor are prohibited. At the Granfondo/Mediofondo the Time trial bikes are prohibited.

Art. 11 - The participation in the event is of total responsibility of the participant, accepting all the risks inherent to the participation.
Art. 12 - At the moment of registration, the participant declares that is physically apt to participate in the event and that does not possess any physical or mental limitation to do so.

Daily licence

Art. 13 - At registration, to the participants that do not possess any federative licence, will be issued the daily licence required, allowing the athlete to have a personal accident and civil responsibility insurance during the day of the event, that the Portuguese Cycling Federation proposes with the following coverages:

Capital coverage per person:
  • Death by accident: 27.665,18 Euros
  • Permanent disability by accident: 27.665,18 Euros
  • Treatment costs of an accident: 4.425,92 Euros
  • Simultaneous death of covered person and spouse: 15.000,00 Euros
  • Funeral Expenses (spending): 5.000,00 Euros
  • Expenses with search and rescue, transport of injured: 1.000,00 Euros
  • Deductibles by the person: 90,00Euros (borne by the injured athlete)

Art. 13.1 - In case of any occurrence the athlete must communicate to the event organizers on the same day, so it can be registered on the record of the event, and so it can be integrated on the event insurance (if such insurance had been subscribed).
Art. 13.2 - The insurance is subscribed through the Portuguese Cycling Federation and works on a reimbursement basis, so all the receipts must be sent to the insurance broker, that will forward the occurrence.
Art 13.3 - This insurance implies the affiliation of the athlete, in the Portuguese Cycling Federation, for one day.

Participation categories

Art. 14 - The athletes that participate in this event, will be able to obtain points to participate in the World Championship UCI Gran Fondo 2022.

Art. 15 - The criteria to obtain points are stipulated on the UCI Gran Fondo World Series

Art. 16 - According to the World Championship UCI Gran Fondo official qualification system, each UCI Gran Fondo World Series event grants the right of qualification for the World Championship, held on location to be decided by UCI, in September 2022

The athletes will be qualified in the following manner:
  • The first three athletes of each official class, both male and female, will be directly qualified to the World Championship (regardless of the number of athletes that participate in said class).
  • The first 20% of athletes of each official class, will be qualified, obtaining points to the World Championship UCI Gran Fondo. The 20% will be calculated based on the number of participants of each official class, and not on the number of participants that finish the race.
Example: if there were 100 participants in a class, the first 20 athletes of that class to arrive at the finish line will be granted points to participate in the World Championship UCI Gran Fondo.

Art. 17 - The athletes must finish the race to obtain the qualification.

Art. 18 - To participate in the World Championship Grandfondo World Series is mandatory that the athlete possesses a valid licence issued by their respective national federation, affiliated to UCI (daily licences excluded). They must possess a UCI identity card (from 2020 forward) and must be properly insured on personal accidents and civil responsibility in the country where the World Championship UCI Gran Fondo is held.

Art. 19 - The UCI Gran Fondo World Series regulations establish the following classes:

A. Granfondo participants WITH possibility to qualify to UCI Gran Fondo World Series:
• 19 – 34 years old, male and female
• 35 – 39 years old, male and female
• 40 – 44 years old, male
• 45 – 49 years old, male
• 50 – 54 years old, male
• 55 – 59 years old, male
• 60 – 64 years old, male

B. Mediofondo participants WITH possibility to qualify to UCI Gran Fondo World Series:
• 40 – 44 years old, female
• 45 – 49 years old, female
• 50 – 54 years old, female
• 55 – 59 years old, female
• 60 – 64 years old, female
• 65 years old or more, male and female

C. Granfondo participants WITHOUT possibility to qualify to UCI Gran Fondo World Series:
• 40 – 44 years old, female
• 45 – 49 years old, female
• 50 – 54 years old, female
• 55 – 59 years old, female
• 60 – 64 years old, female
• 65 years old or more, male and female

D. Mediofondo participants WITHOUT possibility to qualify to UCI Gran Fondo World Series:
• 19 – 34 years old, male and female
• 35 – 39 years old, male and female
• 40 – 44 years old, male
• 45 – 49 years old, male
• 50 – 54 years old, male
• 55 – 59 years old, male
• 60 – 64 years old, male

E. Time Trial participants WITH possibility to qualify to UCI Gran Fondo World Series:
• 19 – 34 years old, male and female
• 35 – 39 years old, male and female
• 40 – 44 years old, male and female
• 45 – 49 years old, male and female
• 50 – 54 years old, male and female
• 55 – 59 years old, male and female
• 60 – 64 years old, male and female
• 65 years old or more, male and female

Art. 20 - The classes of participation are determined by age of the participant on 31st of December 2021.

Art. 21 - The participants are free to choose the distance that is more appropriate to their abilities, and to be aware that some distances do not allow for qualification in UCI Gran Fondo World Series.

Example: a 35-year-old male athlete may choose Mediofondo, being aware that his participation will not allow him to qualify to the UCI Gran Fondo World Series.


Art. 22 - The registrations are exclusively made, and with the necessary advance, through the website: , in the "Registration" tab.

Art. 23 - The registration is only valid after payment.

Art. 24 - Registration phases:
1st phase - opening on 07-01-2021 at 13h00 | closing on 11-09-2021 at 23h59
2nd phase - opening on 12-09-2021 at 00h00 | closing on 17-10-2021 at 23h59

Art. 25 - Registration closes on 17-10-2021 at 23h59, or when the maximum number of participants set by the organization is reached.

Art. 26 - Registration costs:

The cost of registration for athletes that have a federative licence are:
1st phase
  • Time trial: 25€
  • Granfondo/Mediofondo: 45€
  • Time trial + Granfondo/Mediofondo: 59€

2nd phase
  • Time trial: 30€
  • Granfondo/mediofondo: 55€
  • Time trial + Granfondo/Mediofondo: 69€
The costs of registration for athletes that do NOT have a federative licence are:
1st phase
  • Time trial: 29€
  • Granfondo/Mediofondo: 49€
  • Time trial + Granfondo/Mediofondo: 67€

2nd phase
  • Time trial: 34€
  • Granfondo/Mediofondo: 59€
  • Time trial + Granfondo/Mediofondo: 77€

Art. 27 - The registration allows you to:
  • Participate in the event in which you register (Time trial and/or Granfondo/Mediofondo);
  • Event gifts;
  • Finisher medal;
  • 1 to 2 photos of each athlete available on the official Facebook page of the event;
  • Personalized frontal and dorsal, with name and nationality (for registration validated until 30 of september 2021);
  • Liquid and solid provisions during the event (Granfondo/Mediofondo);
  • Recuperation drink after the competition (Time trial, Granfondo/Mediofondo);
  • Pasta recovery (lunch) at the end (Granfondo/Mediofondo);
  • First aid and medical assistance;
  • Digital Finisher Diploma;
  • Classification through electronic chip;
  • Professional mechanical assistance (do not include parts);
  • Digital Racebook;
  • Personal accident insurance according to the current law (for athletes without a federative licence - deductible of 90,00€ per athlete)


Art. 28 - In case of wavering until 15th of March 2021, the athlete will be compensated with 50% of the registration. After that date, no amount will be compensated to wavering athletes.

Awards and classifications

Art. 29 - Trophies will be awarded to the first 3 classifications in:
    • Each of the categories listed in article 19 that count for the qualification of the UCI Granfondo World Championship (Art. 19 points A, B, E);
    • General male and female distance Mediofondo.

Art. 30 - The winner of each class listed on point A. B. and E. in article 18 of the present regulation will also receive an official UCI Gran Fondo World Series jersey.

Art. 31 - A special recognition will be awarded to the most humorous athlete with the biggest fair-play of the event (Boa Onda prise).

Physical condition

Art. 32 - The athletes are responsible for the registration and participation in the GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION, while conscious that this is a demanding competition from a physical standpoint, requiring a proper preparation and good physical condition.

Art. 33 - Each athlete participates in this event under his/her responsibility and declares that is in a great physical condition, and that has the technical knowledge to participate.

Art. 34 - The organization advises all participants to perform a medical exam before the event to detect and discard any incompatibility with the practice of cycling.

Art. 35 - Each participant agrees to be in a proper physical condition, that will allow them to comply with the time goals defined by the organization and to face the programmed route with sufficient guarantees.


Art. 36 - The event is governed by the current traffic regulations, by which the use of a homologated cycling helmet is mandatory during all the route. Non-compliance with this rule will result in immediate expulsion.

Art. 37 - The event will take place on roads that are open to traffic. All participants must scrupulously respect the traffic codes presented in the road traffic regulations, with special attention to the mandatory drive on the right side of the road and to respect the priorities in crossroads. Those that do not comply with these rules will be immediately expelled from the event and will be forbidden to participate in later editions of the event. By registering, each participant accepts to download and agree with the Terms of Responsibility provided by the organization and declares to acknowledge and accept the risks inherent to the participation in an event that is open to traffic.

Art. 38 - The organization is not responsible for any accidents that athletes may cause or be victim to, nor for the costs or debt that the participants contract during the event. Each participant should be covered by the insurance of their federative licence.

Art. 39 - During the event, the participant is obliged to carry a cellphone with the number provided on the registration form (or another that is provided to the organization in advance) with full battery. The cellphone will be essential to contact the organization or other event services in case of need, either mechanical problems or health reasons.
Emergency contacts will be shared with the participants before the event and in different manners during the event.

Art. 40 - The participant must carry an identification document.

Art. 41 - If the weather conditions are expected to be adverse, the organization may require the participants to wear or carry certain equipment, like thermal blankets, windproof or waterproof garments.

Art. 42 - The participants are aware that the event opening vehicle does not mean that the traffic will be stopped, being only a way of signalization.

Art. 43 - The security on public roads, the control and regulation of traffic will be the responsibility of security forces, remembering that it is an open road event and that, above it all, the athlete should respect the road norms.

Art. 44 - The organization will provide medical escort during the event, with mobile medical teams and ambulances. In case of need, the participants should request the help of the organization elements that will trigger the necessary means of assistance.

Art. 45 - The medical team has the power to remove any participant from the event when his/her health are considered at risk.

Art. 46 - It is mandatory the use of frontal and dorsal with the participants number well visible, at the start and during the whole route.

Art. 47 - It is completely prohibited to participate in the event without the frontal/dorsal or another identification that the organization provides to the participants.

Art. 48 - In order to provide the dynamic “Free Wheel” during all the event, the organization vehicles that go ahead will use adequate speed so as not to condition the participants' progress. However, if the circumstances require, the organization vehicles may condition the participants' speed, with participants being prohibited from overtaking those vehicles. The athletes that infringe this rule will be, as soon as they overtake the vehicles, out of the event, preceding at their own risk.

Art. 49 - It is strictly forbidden any assistance given to the athletes by support vehicles unfamiliar to the organization. It is equally forbidden the circulation of companion vehicles among the athletes in competition. Infractions of these rules may be recorded and communicated to the organization by the authorities and other members of the organization.

Art. 50 - Information about adequate locations to watch the athletes pass, will be given by the organization. Authorities that are part of this event will prevent the circulation of support vehicles among the athletes, assuring the enforcement of the traffic code.

Art . 51 - The event will be monitored by authorities that will enforce the traffic norms to all of those involved in the event and remaining vehicles in circulation.

Art . 52 - In order to assure the integrity and security of the event, there will be time control points with stipulated time limits of passage. The athletes that arrive at these points after the time limits, will be forced to abandon the competition, and will be taken by the broom wagon to the finish line.

Art. 53 - The participants that choose to continue by their own means will be forced to hand over their frontal and dorsal at the control point or to any other element of the organization, and will no longer be part of the event and will be accepting the risk that this may imply.

Art. 54 - The athletes that leave the event while on route, must contact the members of the organization, in person or by phone, informing of their decision. Upon being detected the absence of an athlete, first aid and rescue teams may be activated. The non compliance with this rule will hold the athlete accountable for the costs of the activation of these teams. Furthermore, this athlete will be prohibited to participate in later editions of this event.

Art. 55 - The athletes must respect the schedules, namely the start, 09h00, assuring the departure before the broom wagon. The non compliance will mean that the athlete is out of the competition, participating at their own risk.

Art. 56 - The athletes that may have soffer any form of accident during the competition and had the need to be assisted by a medical team outside the event, must notify the organization on the same day, if possible, to be recorded in record and so it could be integrated on the event insurance (is case of subscription to the insurance), through the email The communication of the accident during this time frame is essential to secure the coverage of the damage by the event insurance.

Art. 57 - The athletes in competition must insure the transport of food and liquids for his/her food replacement and hydration. Regardless, the organization will set replenishment points, where there will be food and drinks available.

Art. 58 - For security reasons, athletes are prohibited to use headphones as a way to listen to music or use the cellphone during the competition.


Art. 59 - The organization has the right to make adjustments to the route and to the operation of the event, when for any reason it is justified, without the obligation to compensate the participants.


Art. 60 - The organization will have mechanical assistance throughout the event that will help solve mechanical problems as fast as possible during the competition. In case of damage, the labor will be free of charge, but new parts will be charged on the spot to the athletes that need them.

Art. 61 - The participants should safeguard the possession of some money during the event, to cover the costs of the service described above. If the participant does not have enough money to cover such costs, he/she should sign a debt note that will be written by a member of the mechanical team, which should be settled after arriving at the finish line, by the secretariat or the information desk.

Art. 62 - The interventions that are provided by the mechanical teams excluded the repair of flat tires.

Art. 63 -  The mechanical team will consist of mobile and local teams throughout the route, however, for reasons such as the competition dynamics or difficulty of positioning, as well as the complexity of the damage, this service will not assure assistance to all participants.

Art. 64 - The existence of this service does not clear the participant of the duty to prepare their bicycle for such an event, assuring its best condition at the line up.

Art. 65 - The organization will not be responsible for the waiver of an athlete for lack of mechanical assistance.


Art. 66 - Any infringements to the present rules may be detected and communicated by any members of the organization or authorities that are part of the event, being the Jury of the Event responsible for any sanctions applied to the athlete.

Art. 67 - Sanctions will be applied to participants that:
  1. Do not respect the traffic norms, taking into account the fact that the roads are open to traffic.
  2. Do not respect the orders and indications provided by the authorities and members of the organization.
  3. Do not pass through the control at the start, the control at the finish line or other control points that exist throughout the event.
  4. Litter or damage the route and other areas utilized by the event.
  5. Have or have been helped by personal support vehicles that transit along the route disturbing the event and passage of other athletes.
  6. Adopt an unsportsman behavior, resorting to irregular means to gain an advantage in their classification.
  7. Adopt behaviors that prevent the normal unroll of the event and that go against these regulations.
  8. In case of wavering, do not communicate this to the organization.
  9. By any way, words or actions, jeopardize the respect for other participants or for members of the organization.
Art. 68 - Sanctions that may be applied:
  1. Expulsion from the event, with no right to qualification or diploma.
  2. Adding the athlete’s name to the list of sanctioned athletes, that is published after the event.
  3. Inability to participate in later editions of this event.
  4. Loss of the spot for the World Championship UCI Gran Fondo, if they had qualified.
  5. Sanctions imposed by the authorities that are part of the event, in case infractions are detected by them and are considered legally deserving of sanctions.

Event Program

Art. 69 - The GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION is foreseen as following:

Secretariat and pick up of dorsals

Art. 70 - To pick up the proper documentation and participant kit, the secretariat will be in Figueira da Foz for the Time Trials and in Montemor-o-Velho for the Granfondo/Mediofondo.

Art. 71 - The athletes that register for both days must do the pick up of the event documentation. dorsals/frontals, chip and participant kit at the secretariat located in Figueira da Foz.

Art. 72 - Covid-19 Rapid Test.
In case of being necessary for the event to be held, the organization will provide all the logistics and infrastructure needed to the realization of the Covid-19 Rapid Test (antigen) to all the participants.
This test will not have any cost to the participants.
If the test is mandatory, participants will be tested the day before the event, requiring all participants to do the check-in on the secretariat the day before the event they registered. This will imply that the secretariat will not be open on 24-10-2021

Art. 73 - To pick up the documentation of the event, dorsal/frontal, chip and participant kit, the participant will have to present a valid federative licence and, in case they don’t possess a federative licence, a identification document should be presented instead.

Art. 74 - After 08h30 of 24th of October 2021, no more frontal/dorsal and chips will be handed over.

Art. 75 - The pick up of event documentation, frontal/dorsal, chips and participants kit may be done by a third person as long as they present at the secretariat the originals or copies, with perfect legibility, of the documents requested (identification documento and federative licence) of the athlete, as well as a document signed by the athlete, authorizing the pick up of such documents (the organization can supply a draf upon request).

Dorsals and Chips

Art. 76 - The frontal of the bicycle, the dorsal and chips are property of the organizers, that allow the participants to use them during the event, if he/she follows the rules and conducts presented in this regulation or by resolution taken by the organization at any time.

Art. 77 - At the end of the event the frontal and dorsal are gifted to the participants by the organizers.

Art. 78 - The frontal, dorsal and chips are equipments for personal use that can not be passed on or used by another person.

Art. 79 - The registered participant can only participate with the number assigned to him/her and agrees that will not allow any other person to use it.

Art. 80 - All the participants must put the frontal on the bicycle in the right position, at the front part of the handlebar with good visibility of all its surface.

Art. 81 - The usage of frontal, dorsal and chip is mandatory. Every athlete that does not comply with this rule will be expelled from the competition, being no longer part of the event.

Art. 82 - It is strictly forbidden to change any of the graphics present on the frontal or dorsal, or to add any kind of message or image, being of publicity nature or not.

Art. 83 - The chip should be kept on the recommended place, during all the competition, until the crossing of the finish line.

Art. 84 - The participants' time control will be made with the usage of the electronic chip. The usage of the chip is mandatory, having the athlete the obligation to comply with the rules of usage and position. The misuse or no use of the chip will result in no record of the athletes passage by the control points stipulated by the organization, resulting in a disqualification and absence from the final time list and the loss of the right to the diploma of participation.

Art. 85 - The organization can not be responsible for the error or flaws in the readings of the chip, either by misuse or any other reason.

Afrt. 86 - The time controls and the time records will be located at the star, finish line and other points along the route, that will be previously announced to the participants.

Supply Points

Art. 87 - The event will have supply points with food and drinks.

Art. 88 - The staff present at the supply points will only allow access to the product to athletes that have the participants' bracelets (given to all participants at the secretariat with the dorsals).

Art. 89 - The location of the supply point is as followed:

Date: 23-10-2021(Time Trial)
  • Finish area - Liquid supply

Date: 24-10-2021
  • Figueira da Foz - Km 34 - Liquid and solid supply - Granfondo/mediofono
  • Soure - Km 70 - Liquid and solid supply - Granfondo/Mediofondo
  • Penela- Km 102 - Liquid and solid supply - Granfondo
  • Condeixa - Km 127 - Liquid and solid supply - Granfondo
  • Finish area - Liquid supply - Granfondo/Mediofondo

Anti Doping Regulations

Art. 90 - The GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION is an event that is present in the official calendar of the UCI, therefore, the organization and participants must comply with the Portuguese Cycling Federation and UCI regulations.

Art. 91 - During the event it is strictly forbidden the use of any illegal substance.

Art. 92 - All the participants register in this event must know that they are subjected to any possible Anti Doping tests that the ADOP (Portuguese Authority of Anti Doping) may establish, as well as the possible sanctions that may result of those tests or of the non attendance when solicited.

Art. 93 - No participant will be accepted in this sport event if suspended as a precaution, with current sanctions related to doping or if excluded from their respective federations, from ADOP or similar organizations of other countries.

Civism and Respect

Art. 94 - The participants accept these regulations and commit to participating in an honest matter in agreement with the traffic rules, as well as to finish the totality of the competition before crossing the finish line. Furthermore, the participants declare to be respectful with all the members involved, from the organization, police forces and with all other participants.

Art. 95 - The participants agree to treat with respect their own sport equipment as well as others, and to use a homologated cycling helmet, mandatory throughout the competition.

Art. 96 - The participants agree to respect the locals, visitors and workers of all areas where the competition passes.

Art. 97 - The participants agree to respect the volunteers, staff and elements of the Proteção Cívil, Polícia de Segurança Pública, Guarda Nacional Republicana, staff of the organization, as well as all their colleagues and participants of the event.


Art. 98 - The participants are obliged to have a responsible behavior in regards to respecting the cleanliness and preservation of the environment of the route and all areas used in the event.

Art. 99 - It is strictly forbidden to litter, before, during and after the end of the competition. Participants must be careful to carry with themselves any waste of packaging from any supplements and drinks used during the event.

Art. 100 - At the end of the competition, and in the supply points, there will be bins provided by the organization for the correct discard of waste carried by athletes.

Art. 101 - The disregard of these rules implies an immediate exclusion of the event, as well as being prohibited for participating in other events that his organization may be responsible for.

Image Rights

Art. 102 - The registration and consequent agreement with this regulations necessarily implies the authorization of the participant so the organization may record the totality or part of his/her participation, being able to use those images freely for the dissemination and promotion of the event in every support (television, radio, press, internet, cards, flyers, fotos and videos). Thus, it allows all image rights related to the commercial and advertising exploitation of these records, without the right to receive any economic compensation from the organization.


Art. 103 - The GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION organization respects the data protection law, currently in force. The athletes admit to having the knowledge and authorizing the introduction and treatment of their personal data in the organizations event files, for the development, administrative and commercial management and other activities. Athletes also authorize their data to be transmitted to third party companies, whenever justified for the organization and smooth running of the event (examples: timing companies, insurance, Portuguese Cycling Federation, UCI…)

Art. 104 - The athletes must provide the name they want on the dorsal, list of participants and classification records that will be published at the event website, at the end of the event.

Art. 105 - All participants that fill the registration form must be aware that acknowledges and agrees with the articles that make this specific regulation for this event.


Art. 106 - The participants admit that all the data provided during the registration are correct and true and that the email provided will be the preferential way of receiving all official communications and important information related to the event, considering themselves informed by it.

Art. 107 - O GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION is a bicycle touring event on the road. The traffic will be controlled but open, reason that forces the participants to respect the traffic norms currently in law and the drivers, during the competition.

Art. 108 - The organization will not be responsible for any theft or damage that may occur to the bicycles or other participant’s equipment. The participant clears the organization of any responsibility for loss or damage of any personal belongings in any circumstance.

Art. 109 - If the weather conditions, environmental or of security are extreme (ex: wildfires, storms, tree falling, ciclones, armed conflict, epidemic, pandemic, etc) the event will be canceled or delayed/rescheduled by decision of the organization.

Art. 110 - Likewise, the event may be suspended or canceled by the decision of official entities like Proteção Civil, Guarda Nacional Republicana, Polícia de Segurança Pública, Ministério da Administração Interna, Ministério da Saúde, etc. based on the situations mentioned previously.

Art. 111 - If a postponement or rescheduling is necessary for the reasons identified above, the registration will automatically become effective for the new announced date, and there will be no right to a partial or full refund. In case of absolute cancellation of the event and no rescheduling, the registration fee is returned in full within 60 working days after the announcement of cancellation (maximum period).

Art. 112 - By registering and validating your registration to GRANFONDO COIMBRA REGION, the participants take on the knowledge and acceptance with no reservations of this regulations, renouncing any legal procedure against the organization, derived from its participation in this event.

Art. 113 - The organization will constitute a Event Jury, composed by three elements of the organization, that will decide on the sanctions that may be applied to all matters related to the event that are not shown or are misinterpretations of the present regulation.

Art. 114 - In case any registered athlete may not be part of the event, nor his/hers documentation and gifts are picked up at the secretariat, the organization will not send any of the items, that may only be picked up at the location and time of the event.

Art. 115 - This regulation may be subject of alterations.
OCTOBER 23 and 24, 2021
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