Positive Footprint - UCI Granfondo World Series - Coimbra Region

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October 23 and 24, 2021
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Positive Footprint
Ecosustainability measures
What is this?

In the construction of a sustainable future, the environment is an inevitable question.The commitment to the preservation of the environment is primordial in the "Positive Footprint" seal, which focuses on the implementation of pro-environmental measures.

Some of the measures adopted include:
  • Replacement of plastic cups with paper cups and elimination of 0.33cl bottles (decrease in the amount of plastic);
  • Eco raffle - a pro-environmental measure to encourage the practice of waste collection and deposit only at the winning post site so that the route has the least impact possible. The athletes deposit the trash on a basket and are then awarded prizes for their good practice. This measure aims at creating and reinforcing environmentally friendly habits/attitudes;
  • "Positive Footprint" measure in order to leave the places cleaner than what we find. Cleaning the courses before the athletes pass by, committing them to reduce the waste on the course. The cleaning after the passage of the athletes will also be done until 1h after the passage of the last participant;
  • Separation and recycling of rubbish;
  • Set of sensibilization actions with the participants of the event.
OCTOBER 23 and 24, 2021

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