COVID-19 - UCI Granfondo World Series - Coimbra Region

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October 23 and 24, 2021
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Health Protocol


1.1 Registration and Confirmation of Athletes
The registration and confirmation of the participating athletes will be made in a non-presential way, in an online platform.

1.2 Digital divulgation of information about the event:
All detailed information about the event will be sent in advance by e-mail to all accredited athletes, avoiding in-person procedures that imply physical contact.

1.3 Accreditation / Registration Room
The Registration Room, for picking up frontals/dorsals and participant kit will have the following security rules:
  • Evaluate the possibility of holding the Registration Room in an open-air location;
  • Temperature measurement for participants going to the Registration Room;
  • The queues for access to the counters will have a corridor 2 meters wide, in which distances of 2 meters between people in the queue are marked. Participants should only move forward when requested by the organisation's member of staff;
  • The service counters will be equipped with acrylic protection;
  • The use of a mask is mandatory for participants and for the elements of the organization at the time of the lifting of the frontals/dorsals and participant kits;
  • The materials will be delivered in a non-transferable way in a single bag per staff member organization to the registered participants.
  • A declaration will be requested from the participant that he is not known to be infected or to have been in contact with a person infected with COVID19 (in the 14 days prior to the event), and that he does not have symptoms of COVID19;
  • The classifications and the event announcement will be sent by e-mail or posted online.

1.4 Preliminary Meetings
The preliminary meeting will be held by videoconference, one week before the event;
All information contained in the preliminary meeting will be sent to participants by email up to 4 days before the event.


PPO - Mandatory Waypoint: single point of access to the area reserved to the elements accredited for the event.

Zone 0 - reserved area for elements accredited for the event (participants), security forces and elements with technical functions in the event, holders of a bracelet that proves the health assessment carried out at the health assessment post COVID-19 (P1).

P1 – Health Assessment Post


3.1 Quick Test Covid-19
If necessary, for the event, the organization will provide logistics and infrastructure for the Covid-19 (antigen) rapid test to all participants.
This test will involve no costs for the participant.
If tests are required, the test will have to be held on the day before the event, with all participants checking in at the Registration Room on the day before the test they have registered for. This means that there may be no Registration Room on 24-10-2021.

3.2 Signalization and Information:
Placement of information panel, in the access zone to the event (PPO and Zone 0), ensuring that participants have access to:
  • Internal protocol on the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, (this document will be sent in advance to the participant in digital format and may be requested to be sent in digital format from the Registration Room);
  • Information on how to comply with basic infection prevention and control precautions in relation to the outbreak of coronavirus (information on hand washing with soap and water and with SABA; correct mask placement; signs and symptoms of COVID19, DGS recommendations).

3.3 Adaptation of the place of isolation:
A place of isolation will be carefully defined, next to Zone 0. Ensuring that this site has natural ventilation, stock of cleaning materials, surgical masks and disposable gloves, thermometer, self-contained waste container, waste bags, used clothing collection bags, kit with water and some non-perishable food.

3.4 Sanitation equipment:
The organisation provides:
  • Dispensers of alcohol-based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution near the entry/exit points, registration room, feedzones, start/finish, podiums...

3.5 Sanitation plan
  • Hygiene or disinfection of the equipment used, before, during and after each activity, according to the rules applicable to each type of equipment.
  • Washing and disinfection of surfaces where employees and participants circulate, ensuring the control and prevention of infections and resistance to antimicrobials.
  • Cleaning, several times a day, of surfaces and objects of common use.

3.6 Starting the event
  • At the start of the event, access to all technical spaces including Zone 0 is exclusively reserved to those persons who are essential to the event (participants and staff) properly accredited;
  • There will be only one access point to the event: the PPO that will be installed at the entrance of Zone 0;
  • There will be a health checkpoint at the entrance of the PPO that will control all the authorized and properly credentialed elements in the event;
  • At the PPO of Zone 0, the organization will inform about the mandatory use of a mask, hand sanitizing and maintenance of the recommended social distance (all elements of the organization/staff and participants are obliged to wear a mask in Zone 0);
  • All participants are requested to pay the highest attention to all the indications given by the speaker of the event.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask until the moment of departure, which can be removed only 10 seconds before the start of the physical activity (in line with DGS Orientation 030/2020).
  • Departures will be by distance (Granfondo, Medifondo) and each distance will be subdivided into the respective categories (19-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49...), the winner being the one who finishes in the least time.
  • For each distance, will be created boxes with 250 participants maximum, with a distance of 2 meters between each participant;

3.7 The event
  • Drums or any kind of residue may not be discarded;
  • Medical, mechanical and other support staff maintain the use of masks throughout the entire route, ensuring the disinfection of hands, places and utensils frequently.

3.8. Arrival of the event
  • Upon arrival of the event, access to all technical spaces included in Zone 0 will be exclusively reserved to those indispensable for the event, properly accredited (staff and participants).
  • The PPO remains the only access point to the delimited zones of arrival integrated in Zone 0;
  • The Arrival Box will consist of the space that includes the finish line, the athletes' deceleration zone, the zone marked for photographers/cameramen and the registration room zone;

3.9. Podium Ceremony
The protocol of the podium ceremony will take place as follows:
  • Those present at the ceremony should wear a mask, and maintain the recommended social distance, abstaining from physical contact and greetings (including handshakes), even when receiving trophies or prizes;
  • There must be no physical greetings;
  • Delivery of trophies and/or prizes: should be carried out by a single person (protocol assistant), through a plate; or placed on the respective step for collection by the athlete himself, in order to avoid direct contact with the athlete and respecting the rules of social distance;
  • The podium photographs should be taken during the session, and with the masks placed reflecting the current reality and encouraging the whole society to comply with the rules indicated by the DGS.

3.10. Press
During the event, the press will be subject to the following rules:
  • All members of the press must wear a permanent mask;
  • Sound and image reporters must respect the physical security space of the corridors and others;
  • There will be no interviews at the finish line. A communication tent will be set up, away from this location, and participants may be called for an interview in this area, maintaining their safety. Participants will only be able to go there if instructed by members of the organisation and never on their own initiative;
  • In the interviews, it is advisable to use an extendible microphone or 2 microphones (for interviewer and interviewee) which must be plasticized and disinfected immediately after each interview;

3.11. Meal
The pasta party meal service will be subject to the following rules:
  • All elements of the organisation of this area must wear a mask and gloves at all times;
  • The participant is prevented from handling utensils or food, this task being exclusively for the elements of the organization;
  • The meal will be delivered to the participant in a "meal-box", in a place to be defined, so that the participant can choose a safe place, outdoors to eat.

3.12. Baths:
The event will be held without access to baths for participants.


4.1 Plan of action:
  • The responsible worker must accompany the suspected infection to the isolation space, provide the necessary assistance and contact the National Health Service.

4.2 Decontamination of the isolation site:
  • Decontamination of the isolation area whenever there are positive cases of infection and reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection whenever there are suspects of infection, especially on the surfaces frequently handled and most used by the same, as indicated by the Directorate General of Health.

The storage of the waste produced by suspected infection in a plastic bag which, after being closed (e.g. with a clamp), should be segregated and sent to a licensed operator for the management of hospital waste with biological risk.

4.3 Registration of acts/incidents:
All acts and incidents that occur should be recorded in a proper form.
OCTOBER 23 and 24, 2021
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